Each person who decides to buy CRONY does so under their responsibility to know the laws regarding crypto assets in their respective country. CRONY COIN is not responsible for the actions of people who acquire the token.

CRONY COIN and its website, as well as its official and public channels of Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram etc. They are not investment advice, nor do they encourage the purchase of any assets related or not to CRONY COIN. Anyone is responsible for analyzing, researching and/or contacting financial advisors, legal advisors who tell them about the laws regarding crypto assets in their country and deciding for themselves on any crypto asset, declining any present or future responsibility for CRONY COIN.

This document is an informative document and should be read as such, not being considered an investment document. Anyone who is interested in acquiring CRONY or any other crypto asset must always do so from the knowledge of cryptocurrencies, training before, researching and letting themselves be advised, being solely responsible for their actions.

Acquiring CRONY does not entitle you to any kind of decision within CRONY. Before acquiring this or another cryptocurrency we indicate the obligation on your part to be informed of the legislation in force in your country of residence, being you solely responsible for your conduct with respect to the current legislation where you reside.

The CRONY COIN team thanks you for reading our advisory on CRONY COIN.